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Seasons      It’s October 24 and I’m finally figuring out what our Thanksgiving plans are for this year! Talk about waiting until the last minute…. This is very unusual for me. However, I’m in a new season of parenthood and still trying to make peace with it. We have three young adult offspring. Each of them are married. Our two sons both live about three and a half hours from us. Our daughter lives on the other side of the country. No longer are we a family of five with childish skirmishes between the siblings under one roof, we are a family of eight independent adults living under four separate roofs. Whole new dynamic!

I found out this weekend that we might all be able to get together to celebrate Thanksgiving this year and I am giving thanks! I have enjoyed every stage of parenting and this stage is good too. I love my daughters-in-law and my son-in-law. I couldn’t ask for more amazing spouses for my kids. But it’s hard to know my purpose and place now. It’s a new season for us. Okay, maybe it’s been a while and why am I still whining about it, you ask! Because I really like my kids! They’re good people!

But it’s up to me to give thanks each day, to find new purpose. Let’s start with being thankful for the blessings they bring to my life:
1. I am thankful my kids each love God and are involved at church.
2. I am thankful that no matter how they did in high school, they each have a good work ethic and great jobs.
3. I am thankful they love us, we have good relationships with them, and they like to come back home.
4. I am thankful for their humor and their compassion.
5. I am thankful they are the kind of people I would like even if they weren’t mine!

Those are all great things but I’m still working on being thankful 24/7 for this season. We have raised them to be on their own and they are doing a great job of it. I’m just mourning not being needed as much, I guess.

Enough time has passed to look toward the future and plan for the next season. Here are some things I’m looking at and moving forward with::
1. What is important to me? I’m looking at a values assessment and also at for some insights.
2. I’m spending time in study and prayer because I know God has a plan for my life and He has put dreams on my heart for a reason.
3. I’m talking with people who are close to me to see what they think are my gifts and talents.
4. I’m taking another class and learning some useful skills.

Are you heading into a new season of life? How are you preparing for the excitement and challenge of it?

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  1. Oh Beth I realized your daughter lived so far, but not your boys. Bless your heart. It’s hard sometimes even when they are only a few miles like mine.

    I’m excited for you and with you sweet friend. ENJOY the moments! So very special.

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