What do you want to do and why haven’t you already done it?

Well, it’s just not that simple…. Or is it? A life coach can help you answer that question!

Welcome to Smart Choices Life Coaching

Coaching helps a person move forward from where they are to where they want to be. A life coach is a listener, an encourager, a challenger, an accountability partner, and a guide. A life coach is not a counselor or authority.

As a Christian coach, I bring a biblical worldview to the coach/client relationship.

What are some areas people may seek help from a life coach?

  • developing skills
  • discovering fulfillment and passions
  • setting and achieving goals
  • building a mission statement
  • solidifying values and direction
  • managing life transitions and change effectively
  • building confidence
  • strengthening relationships and fostering team unity
  • bettering communication skills
  • increasing focus
  • growing courage, and a closer walk with God.

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